Our approach to raising pigs on our farm is simple in theory if not execution: provide the animals with so much land to root and explore that they don't notice they are  contained.  Our property has 20 acres of mixed forests that provide cool shade in the summer and plentiful acorns in the fall. 

We are raising Gloustershire Old Spot, Tamworth and Berkshire crosses. These heritage breeds are the ideal candidates to thrive in an outdoor, forage-centric environment. They gain weight slowly which results in marbled, succulent meat. These breeds are the equivalent of hierloom vegetables....passed over by commercial agriculture and in danger of fading away completely.  These pigs are intelligent, beautiful animals and a joy to work with. 

We purchase grain from Quebec that is a mix of barley, oats and soybeans. All the grains are GMO free and the soybeans are certified organic. 

Our paramount concern with raising pigs is providing a humane environment for the animals. We welcome you to visit them at anytime to see for yourself the benefits of a clean, wide open environment

Pork is available in late fall throughpork boxes as well as by the package at farmer's market and at CSA pickups.