Large Pork Boxes of our Forest Raised Pork are available seasonally in October.  

For more info on how our pigs are raised, return to the main Forest Raised Pork page


6 Pork Chops (3 packs of 2)

1 Shoulder Roast, appx 5 lbs - makes the best pulled pork

6 Country style ribs (3 packs of 2)

4 Bacon, 1 lb packages

Six 1 lb packages of sausage - your choice from our own spice blends with herbs, garlic and peppers from our farm. Rustic Italian, Maple Sage, Spanish Style Chorizo

1 smoked ham hock - for winter soups

1 pkg Italian bacon or spare ribs

2 smoked ham steaks

2 pkg ground pork

1 pkg fat back

note: contents may have minor adjustments as these are currently live animals and there can be slight variations upon butchering, but don’t worry, you’ll get your bacon!

COST: $299


Do I need a chest freezer to accommodate my pork?  

The first answer of course is, “depends on what else you have in there!”  One MDF Pork Box can fit in the average household freezer (above or below your fridge), and you’ll still have room for the ice cream and emergency frozen pizza.  

Where is the meat butchered?

Your pork is processed at Herring Bros in Guilford, a USDA certified facility. Cuts are cryovac sealed and flash frozen to ensure freshness. Herring Bros is a 4th generation operation with an excellent reputation.  


Optional add ons:

  • Charcuterie Share, $25 -  will include the liver, head, trotters for making your own brawn (head cheese), liver for pates patés and trotter terrine.  A tasty adventure for winter entertaining!  Brendan will be offering a class on how to prepare these traditional dishes.  More info to come!
  • Lard Share, $12 -  8 lbs of fatback and 1-2 lbs of premium leaf fat, which renders into one of the best cooking fats the natural world has to offer. Fat must be rendered before using.  We’ll provide a recipe!  Once you try it you will be a convert.   For a more on the virtues of lard, read this article
  • Pet Share, $10 - for 5 packages of organ meat - heart, liver, kidneys

How to sign up:  Pork Boxes sign up takes place in late summer with pick up in early autumn.  Use the link below to be added to our mailing list.