Spring Saturday Seedling Sales have begun at our Damariscotta Greenhouses!

9 am to 2 pm through mid June • 49 Center St Damariscotta

Certified Organic Garden Seedlings grown in living soil • Field tested varieties for your home garden •Free coffee, donuts + farmer advice

Where to find our healthy, bee-friendly, certified organic plants in late April through early June.

Why stop feeding yourself in the fall and early winter?  Seedlings for the fall garden available in late July and early August at Rising Tide Community Market and Good Tern Co-op!

Questions on spacing and fertility?  Find our planting guide here

What Sets Our Seedlings Apart?  

  • They are grown in living soil!  Compost based potting mix is alive with beneficial organisms that help plants grow, leading to a healthier biome in your garden.  These organisms help feed the plants instead of chemical or liquid fertility.

  • We use larger pots.  Many of our seedlings are grown with a larger plug, which means more soil, more roots and a healthier plant to get you off to a better start in the garden.

  • They are bee-friendly!  We like pollinators and most of our herb and flower seedlings are selected with these important bees and butterflies in mind.  NO toxic neonicotinoids here!

  • We choose field-tested varieties to offer you.  Varieties that we either grow ourselves or select based on our 15 year experience of growing vegetables in the mid coast.

  • In addition to classic vegetables, herbs and flowers, we also grow unique and unexpected varieties, things you didn't know you wanted in your garden until you got to our nursery.

  • We'll reuse the plastic!  Return your morning dew pots and labels to us for re-use (if they aren't broken - careful planting!)

  • They are certified organic, which means they are verified by a 3rd party certifier - MOFGA - to be grown to a set of standards crafted with plant and human health in mind.