Pork Boxes are available in mid autumn.  Click the link at the bottom of the page to be notified when we start taking reservations.  

Each pork box will contain:

1 Ham Steak

2 pkgs Nitrate free Bacon (appx 1 lb ea)

3 pkgs sausage (your choice)

2 pork chops (1 package)

1 pkg ground pork

2 country style ribs (1 package)

COST: $98

note: contents may have minor adjustments as these are currently live animals and there can be slight variations upon butchering, but don’t worry, you’ll get your bacon!


Do I need a chest freezer to accommodate my pork?  

The first answer of course is, “depends on what else you have in there!”  But, no, this will fit easily into your refrigerator’s freezer.

Where is the meat butchered?

Your pork is processed at Herring Bros in Guilford, a USDA certified facility. Cuts are cryovac sealed and flash frozen to ensure freshness. Herring Bros is a 4th generation operation with an excellent reputation.  

How to sign up:  

Pork Boxes are available in mid autumn.  Use the link below to inquire about availability.  Thanks!