Morning Dew Farm is a 6 acre MOFGA certified organic vegetable farm with a farmhouse and homestead in Newcastle and farmland at the northern gateway of Damariscotta. Morning Dew Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife team Brendan McQuillen and Brady Hatch. 

Our focus is providing customers from Wiscasset to Camden with the highest quality seasonal vegetables available. We specialize in salad greens, growing over 200 pounds per week in the summer season. We supply Rising Tide with items including head lettuce, spinach, kale, cilantro and new potatoes . We especially enjoy exploring unique and specialty produce for home and professional cooks alike. Our vegetables are available at numerous stores and restaurants along the mid-coast as well as through our free choice CSA program at the  Damariscotta Farmers' Markets and pop up farmstands. 

Our goal is to constantly give back to the soil by spreading compost, growing green manures, and applying minerals and other soil stimulants. We use human scale tools, and all of our planting and harvesting is done by hand. We are dedicated to certified organic practices, believing that small scale, diverse, family-owned farms play a critical road in defining what it means to be organic.  We have been certified organic by MOFGA since 2005.

In 2017 we opened Morning Dew Seedling + Supply, located in the nursery greenhouses which were the former home of Spencer's Greenery. Located right across route 1 from our Damariscotta farm, our focus at Seedling + Supply  is to provide a wealth of organic vegetable and flower seedlings selected for our coastal Maine climate. At S+S you will find vegetables varieties that aren't carried at the big box stores, as well as the tools, soil amendments and compost that we use to ensure a successful growing season. We also use the greenhouse space to grow microgreens year round.

In all of our ventures, our goals are simple. Keep it delicious and keep it local!

Over the years our farm has grown and changed but our commitment to our community has remained a constant. The local food movement was gaining momentum in Maine when we broke ground in 2004, and our farm has grown along with it.  With support from loyal CSA families, market shoppers, restaurant owners, and farming mentors we have steadily developed our ability to grow with ecological sensitivity and personal care.  In 2017 we were able to purchase our Damariscotta farm with the generous help of many friends far and wide as well as community partners Maine Farmland Trust, Slow Money Maine, The Damariscotta River Association and Morris Farm Trust. We look forward to continuing to raise our family here and stewarding working farmland for the next generation. Our son and daughter currently attend the same pre-school Brady went to in 1984! 

We are avid readers and audiobook listeners, enjoy making and listening to music, cooking and eating out, and spending time around the house, fields and forests with our children.